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Swinging Overview

Posted on 11/04/2013 by | 1 views

There was a time when the couples referred to local directories at clubs and in porn films. Internet brought the world of swingers closer. Swinging is a form of social and sexual relationship between interested couples. It is when one male/female or couple meets another male/female/couple for sexual favors.

Swinging started in 1950 in America among the rich. Later in 1960, an organization named Sexual Freedom League was opened. Now, it has become a part of our daily lifestyle. But then it was only practiced by the higher class people. The couples who are interested can join many organizations with the help of internet and private parties organized by swingers and swinging couples. Swinging couples or swingers are those who want excitement and try different ways of having intercourse. There are several types of swingers from all races, religion and social classes.

It is a kind of recreation for the two (or more) willing adults. They are some key factors which are kept in mind such as open mindedness, flirtatiousness, being responsible and respect for the other. The swinger strictly needs to follow some of the etiquette like dress code, caring a robe, less jewelry and being clean and fresh, making prior appointment and etc.

There are several myths about swinging. It consists of the views of the people towards swinging. Many people find it inappropriate for a relationship. However, swinging is healthy for the couples who share a healthy relationship. This helps them to avoid insecurity as both the partners have each others consent and lack of communication. It is not about being dishonest or cheating. It is only for those who are seeking for different sexual pleasures.

Couples who are engaged in swinging may practice different ways of enjoying the intimate relationship such as threesome, two couple together, sex in groups and others. Swingers and swinging couples need to be aware of sexually transmitted diseases. It is always better to have safe sex than be in trouble. Also, make sure that your partner is a part of swinging. He or she should not be left alone. This might spoil a very healthy relationship.   

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