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Swingers Guide

Posted on 11/04/2013 by | 3 views

Swinging is when consenting couples meet other consenting couples for sex. A single female swinger can join in; sometimes a male, but male swingers are usually only welcomed on selected occasions. By and large, sex between swingers does not entail 'love' or 'emotion', so there is usually no risk of damage being done to a relationship when a couple decide to become swingers - but they should have a solid relationship to start with - being swingers won't repair a relationship in peril. However, the couple obviously need to trust swingers they will be partnering with. Some clubs are like a community, where most swingers know most other swingers, and are friends. The fact that you get along socially, and have things in common, can generate a relaxing atmosphere for swingers - who better to leave your partner with than someone you know, trust, and like!

Being swingers has been credited for making people 'want their partners more', after seeing them with other swingers - and not in an insanely jealous way, but in an "I really really love them" kind of way. Maybe you are a single swinger, looking for some intimacy from a pair of swingers, without the attached strings.

Penetration is not always involved in being swingers - it can be kissing, licking, fondling, fingering, rubbing or oral sex. If you are swingers who do not include penetration in their activities, this is called 'soft swinging'; this term can also refer to simply watching others have sex, or having sex with your partner while other swingers watch. Imagine how much of a turn on it would be to watch swingers have sex, right in front of you? Or, make love with your partner, while swingers watch you? How many swingers would you inspire - or make jealous? Try teasing other swingers, showing them how lucky you are to have a partner as sexy as yours. Watch as the swingers get aroused, wishing they were you...

Full swinging entails penetration, whether it be with your own partner, or someone else's. This can be done in the same room with other swingers, or in separate rooms. Why not spend an evening with swingers in a room apart from your lover, and recount the experience to them back in the lounge, while you tease them slowly. Or find a swinger couple you both like (and who like you) and ask to join in. Have the other swingers teach you something new while your partner watches, and then have them perform it on their new 'friend'. Maybe you're a single swinger, seeking a female to please while her partner watches.

Whatever the combination, being swingers can accommodate them all. Couples and singles can all find pleasure in a swingers' environment, however you envision your pleasure taking place!    

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