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Swinging Couples

Posted on 11/04/2013 by | 2 views

With non-swinging couples, sometimes things need a little spicing up in the bedroom. Sex becomes routine, and excitement is a thing of the past. What if excitement could again be part of your boudoir repertoire?

Many couples become swinging couples and the fad of the 60's is slowly making a comeback, as people rediscover what it is like to explore their sexuality outside a relationship, while still being with their partners. Swinging couples meet other swinging couples mainly for sex. Occasionally, a single female may join swinging couples, but very seldom a single male will be invited to join swinging couples.

Swinging couples are not thinking just about sex. Swinging is about meeting like-minded people, i.e. other swinging couples, extending a circle of friends, and having a good time with these swinging couples. Imagine feeling free enough with other swinging couples, sometimes complete strangers, to sit and touch your partner while you sip a wine, or watch your partner engage sexually with other swinging couples, sometimes while swinging couples pleasure you. Generally speaking, there is no emotional attachment when swinging couples have sex with other swinging couples, and only swinging couples who are solid enough in their own relationship should consider swinging.

Even just being in a club with swinging couples can be enough to spice things up for a couple whose sex lives may be flagging. You walk in, and the atmosphere is electric. Depending on the layout of the club, swinging couples can be kissing on lounges, having drinks, or connecting sexually with other swinging couples in full view. All clubs have similar rules, and the first is that if attention towards swinging couples is unwanted, it stops. Having said that, if you walk past swinging couples having oral sex, and you are welcomed, you and your partner (or just one of you) can join the swinging couples. This might vary from simply touching one of the member of the swinging couples, or licking (soft swap/swinging), or even full penetration (full swap/swinging).

Sometimes having sex with your partner, and knowing swinging couples are watching (exhibitionism), can be a huge turn on. If you are willing to try swapping partners with other swinging couples, the knowledge that you can have sex - or just fondle - another person while your partner is watching can be immensely erotic. Getting turned on watching swinging couples having sex is voyeurism. It can be exciting to watch swinging couples have sex, and even more so if your partner is joining the swinging couples. Having sex together with many other swinging couples (group sex) is inexplicable, an orgy of men and women, tongues... and other body parts... exploring and wandering.

Having sex with one member of a swinging couple in another room is referred to as 'play'. If you and your partner are in the same room with other swinging couples, this is called (obviously) same room swinging.

Attending a party for swinging couples only is a safe environment to explore sexual fantasies, with partner swapping and group sex not a prerequisite. Whatever you feel comfortable with is all that is expected of you and other swinging couples.

In all cases, remember to play safe!

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