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My scandal and me. Part 1

From pukhalapuka (migrated by admin)


Hi all. I can only share this one true story. Maybe it will give u hot dreams at night, maybe can serve as reminder, maybe good laugh lol.

Anyhow, my wife has been working in a private hospital for a few years. Back then she was just my girlfriend. Then i got to know this friend of hers. Get to know as in, i only saw that girl speaking to my wife. She was really hot. Firm body, tall, big breasted. The supermodel kind.

After marrying my wife for 5 years, i noticed her friend in facebook. So i added her. She accepted. Sometimes when she cannot contact my wife, she would pass message to me thru facebook and i would pass along.

One day, me being horny, i tried to flirt with her. It seems shes also has problems with her husband. For me, my problems was that my wife dont want to fulfill my sexual desires. I have sex on average of once per month

There was this one time, i did a full body massage to my wife using scented oil, and she said it was too good she wanted to sleep after that.

So anyway, one day i invited her friend for lunch when my wife wasnt home. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs for her. She said it was the best she ever had. So we talked a bit, then she said she wanted to go home. I jokingly said, home already? I wished i couldve at least kissed her on the cheek.

To my surprise, she came to me and turned her cheek to me. I kissed it gently... and she left. Had a super hard on i had to masturbate LOL.

End of part 1. To be continued!
Hi u should ask her to join in nudist up...keep in touch
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