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Couples/Laides asking for money

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Couples asking for money:

Hi guys, I decided to share this experience I had recently. I got in touch with a couple online (didn't meet them face to face). They had the fantasy to be with a guy for MFM threesome and the husband was also keen on watching his wife have sex with another guy. I was fairly excited to meet this couple.

However, as the day came close to meet, the husband informs me that they want to catch up on the condition that I pay RM500 to have sex with her. To me that is prostitution. Now I don't have a problem who wants to go to hookers, but that's not me. I like to have fun with single ladies and couples. However, the moment there is money involved as cash transaction - I find that wrong.

I don't have a problem with taking out a couple or lady for dinner/drinks, paying for the hotel room or spending time in doing some friendly activity. That's hanging out socially. But paying X amount of money to have sex is not my style. If I want hookers, I don't need to be here!

Just wanted to share this experience and hear from any of the single guys or couples who has either faced such a situation or find asking for money a normal thing.

PS: The couple I was planning to meet was not from this website.
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