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An Introduction to Swinging

Posted on 11/04/2013 by | 2 views

Swingers are those who have sexual relationship with their own spouses as well as with other couples too. Swinging is the act of sharing yourself with your spouse as well as with others couples but with full knowledge about it. There has been a misconception about swinging that it is defined as wife swapping. Swinging involves both the partners and it is not an act of a wife or separately of a husband. Due to this kind of lifestyle they are referred to as swinging couples or swingers.

There is another misconception about swingers is that they are usually old couples. But that’s not true and they can be from any age group and any class. In fact many people join these groups as they are reasonably happy in their marriage. It is pretty inconvincible for people to allow their partners to have casual sex with another person. But for a swinger it is acceptable and is a form of social recreation.

Swinging lifestyle varies with swingers and has been categorized into different types of swinging.

Soft Swinging is a kind of act where the swingers do a soft swap and they do everything with the other person but a sexual act. Most of the time, soft swingers stop at the last minute and do the sexual act with their own spouses and often in front of other people. Typically first time swingers follow this kind of practice.

Open swinging involves swapping of partners and getting into actual sexual intercourse in the same room and often on the same bed too. These kinds of swinging include orgies, exhibitionism, threesome and anything in between.

Closed swinging involves swapping of partners but performing the sexual act in different rooms. Experienced couples only practice this kind of swinging as they have developed a higher rate of trust in their spouses

If you are wondering why couples are swinging, many swingers would say it is a give and take situation. Well the reasons are varied with different couples, and many do it for variety in their sex lives, to spice things up. They want to explore their sexual fantasies.

These couples also undergo through lot of jealousy. The biggest problem or you can say hurdle they need to overcome is jealousy. During initial days the swingers definitely have a tough time but with more trust they do overcome this. Many a times this jealousy makes them charged up for the sexual act with the others partner. They overcome jealousy by talking about their physical relationship in details with their spouses. So it depends on individual couple to define their nature of swinging. This does not mean that all the couples should be swinging. There are lots of medical risks involved in it so complete knowledge is essential. Swinging has increased these days due to the increased rate of divorces. Couples who trust each other and have a stable relationship only should think of swinging.   

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