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Singles and Participation in Swinging Events

Posted on 11/04/2013 by | 1 views

Swinging is largely viewed as a practice for couples to engage in, however due to the allure of swinging, singles sometimes consider participating in the process as well. Depending on the particular area or event in question, singles may be permitted to attend swinging events or denied the opportunity to participate. Swinging clubs and events tend to be more restrictive in nature when male singles are involved. Some of these clubs are rather open to the prospect of female singles participating in swinging events but single men are restricted by the nature of their participation. At some swinger clubs, male participation in swinger events may be only on special days and will be subject to certain requirements. Single females often share the same opportunities and freedom as swinging couples when participating in swinging events and when attending swinging clubs or parties.

Different reasons are responsible for the restriction of single males when it comes to swinger events, these reasons tend to vary based on different circumstances. However one reason which seems to be common with the restriction of males is that people who participate in swinger events are more excited by the prospect of interacting with other swinging couples or single women. What this desire then results in, is an attempt to regulate the balance between men and women who are present at a swinger event or party. In such swinger events there will be either a balanced number of males and females or a slightly larger amount of females in proportion to the males participating in the swinging activities. This tends to preserve the general preferences of the participants involved.

Another reason which is sometimes given by swingers swinging couples as an answer to their restrictive policies where males are concerned is that single men tend to alter the tone or the nature of a swinging event. It isn't because people who participate in swinging events are hostile to single men, but the idea of having an excess of men as compared to women in a swinging event is not one which is welcomed with open arms. In cases where single males are permitted to attend swinging events, their numbers are highly limited through a variety of means such as the imposition of high entrance fees and strict membership requirements. Single females are usually admitted without much ado as their presence is not subject to feelings of discontent.

Despite the general situation, not all swinger events frown on an excess in the number of single males present at such events. Swinger events exists which welcome an excess of men as opposed to women, and they may be classified as “gang bangs” or in other cases some more acceptable term may be used instead. Such events may be held in swinger clubs on nights which are less busy than usual or they may take place in privately held events with couples and singles in attendance. Such events are a great place to meet different kinds of swingers who provide in-depth information of other swinging events that may be open to singles as well.

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